9 February 2017

2016 sets record for new offshore wind investments in Europe

Wind accounted for 51% of all new power installations in the European Union in 2016, connecting a total of 12.5GW to the grid across the 28 EU Member States – 10.923MW in onshore and 1,567MW offshore, according to the WindEurope report that was issued today.

In 2016, 1.567GW of new offshore wind installations were connected to the grid. This is a 48.4% decrease compared with 2015, which was an exceptional year in grid-connections due to grid-connection delays in Germany being resolved, WindEurope reports.

Total wind capacity in Europe now stands at 153.7 GW. Wind energy covered 10.4% of Europe’s electricity needs last year. Germany installed the most new wind power: 44% of the EU total. Five Member States had a record year: France, the Netherlands, Finland, Ireland and Lithuania. Renewables altogether accounted for 86% of new EU power plant installations in 2016 – 21.1GW of 24.5 GW.

Investment in new onshore and offshore wind farms reached a record €27.5bn in 2016. Offshore wind investments rose 39% year on year to €18.2bn, while onshore investments were down 29% at €9.3bn.

The full report can be found here WindEurope-Annual-Statistics-2016.

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