25 November 2019

450GW offshore wind by 2050 in Europe is achievable

The EU Commission’s goals for offshore wind of between 230GW and 450 GW by 2050 are achievable provided the right investments in electricity grids and governments take the right approach to maritime spatial planning, according to WindEurope’s ‘Our energy, our future’ report.

Building 450GW offshore wind by 2050 requires Europe to install over 20GW a year by 2030 compared to 3GW today. The industry is gearing up for this, but it’s crucial that governments provide visibility on volumes and revenue schemes to give long-term confidence for the necessary investments. The report also examines where 450GW of offshore wind could be deployed most cost-effectively around Europe, bearing in mind there is only 20GW today. 450GW of offshore wind is part of a European Commission scenario to deliver climate neutrality by 2050.

The report can be downloaded here.

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