11 November 2021

AMSCAP and Voltiq join forces to provide the full suite of renewable energy financial advisory services


Amsterdam Capital Partners (AMSCAP) and Voltiq, two financial advisory firms specialised in renewable energy, today signed a cooperation agreement under the terms of which they will work together more intensively, including drawing upon each other’s resources. Jointly, AMSCAP and Voltiq will be able to deliver the full suite of financial and commercial structuring services to global clients in both the on- and offshore renewable energy segments.

AMSCAP and Voltiq already collaborated in designated Asian markets. In the coming months, both firms will examine how to further shape and formalize the collaboration. By intensifying their collaboration, both parties immediately increase their effectiveness, create new growth opportunities and their clients can be served even better.

Paul Rittersma, Co-founder and Partner at Voltiq stated: “The possibilities for synergy are very clear. AMSCAP predominantly focuses on offshore wind, whereas Voltiq is specialized in solar, onshore wind and other technologies such as small hydropower, storage, hydrogen and transmission. As such, we are truly complementary, and our clients will definitely reap the benefits of our collaboration.”

Jan-Peter Elffers, Co-founder and Partner at AMSCAP, added: “The partnership with Voltiq allows us to cover the entire suite of financial services across all technologies and on a truly global basis. With AMSCAP’s Co-founder Michael van der Heijden making a career change by the end of this year, I am very happy that the collaboration with Voltiq gives us the opportunity to further grow the commercial and financial advisory platform that we have built to date, providing our clients with real added value.”

About Voltiq
Voltiq is a financial advisory firm specialized in renewable energy and transmission projects. Main focus is on onshore wind, solar PV, hydropower, storage, hydrogen, and energy transmission. Voltiq has offices in Utrecht (The Netherlands), Madrid, Singapore, and Bogotá, and advises developers and investors on equity and debt raisings, and M&A. Voltiq has extensive networks with all leading financial institutions including commercial banks, multilaterals and development banks, as well as with investors worldwide. For more information on Voltiq, please visit www.voltiq.com or LinkedIn.

Amsterdam Capital Partners B.V. is a financial advisory firm specialised in structuring and financing offshore wind. Created in 2014, AMSCAP’s team of financial specialists has a track-record in managing and financing large and difficult offshore wind projects with complex history and governance. AMSCAP provides a comprehensive package of advisory services to support decision making for various stakeholders, covering the entire project’s lifecycle, including early-stage development, financial modelling, late-stage development, senior debt, equity raising and M&A. For more information on AMSCAP, please visit www.amscap.eu or LinkedIn.

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