3 December 2019

IEA Offshore Wind Outlook 2019

The IEA published a World Energy Outlook Special Report on the 2019 outlook for offshore wind. Offshore wind is a rapidly maturing renewable energy technology that is poised to play an important role in future energy systems. In 2018, offshore wind provided a tiny fraction of global electricity supply, but it is set to expand […]

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25 November 2019

450GW offshore wind by 2050 in Europe is achievable

The EU Commission’s goals for offshore wind of between 230GW and 450 GW by 2050 are achievable provided the right investments in electricity grids and governments take the right approach to maritime spatial planning, according to WindEurope’s ‘Our energy, our future’ report. Building 450GW offshore wind by 2050 requires Europe to install over 20GW a […]

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25 January 2019

Guide to an Offshore Wind Farm

The Crown Estate and the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult published an updated and extended version of ‘A Guide to an Offshore Wind Farm’. The guide is intended to help a range of stakeholders and potential new market entrants understand how an offshore wind farm is built, operated and maintained. It is said to help […]

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2 March 2017

Two record years for the European offshore wind market

2015 and 2016 were both record years for offshore wind power in Europe and there are signs that 2017 will be at least as eventful and successful, if not better, than the previous two years. This publication from PwC looks at six EU markets around the North Sea: Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. […]

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10 February 2017

Wind Power increasingly growing

The Global Wind Energy Council released its annual market statistics today. The 2016 market increased by more than 54 GW, bringing total global installed capacity to nearly 487 GW. Led by China, the US, Germany and India, and with surprisingly strong showings from France, Turkey and the Netherlands. The latter entered the global top 10 […]

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9 February 2017

2016 sets record for new offshore wind investments in Europe

Wind accounted for 51% of all new power installations in the European Union in 2016, connecting a total of 12.5GW to the grid across the 28 EU Member States – 10.923MW in onshore and 1,567MW offshore, according to the WindEurope report that was issued today. In 2016, 1.567GW of new offshore wind installations were connected […]

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20 January 2017

Latest German 2016 offshore wind figures: 4.1 GW online

The Working Group for Offshore WindEnergy (https://www.agow.eu/) and other sector related stakeholders commissioned a report detailing the latest offshore wind figures in Germany. In 2016, 156 additional offshore wind turbines generators (WTGs) went online, with a total capacity of 818 MW. By the end of 2016, a total of 947 WTGs were connected to the […]

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12 December 2016

Borssele III and IV tendered at EUR 54.5 / MWh

Borssele III and IV go to the Shell, Van Oord, Mitsubishi/DGE and Eneco consortium at another record breaking EUR 54.5 /MWh level. Further details on: https://www.government.nl/latest/news/2016/12/12/dutch-consortium-to-construct-second-borssele-offshore-wind-farm

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5 December 2016

Spotlight on Power & Utility Megaprojects

EY published their Spotlight on Power & Utility Megaprojects report (attached), in which they conclude that offshore wind (and gas-powered generation) projects suffer significantly less delays and cost overruns than water, hydropower, nuclear and coal projects. The full report can be accessed here: ey-spotlight-on-power-and-utility-megaprojects

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2 December 2016

The Future of Energy: Making Major Projects Possible

Interesting background information on Siemens Financial Services and their experience in offshore wind. http://www.siemens.com/innovation/en/home/pictures-of-the-future/energy-and-efficiency/the-future-of-energy-financing.html

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