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8 March 2017

Women’s Power List

In honour of International Women’s Day, we are pleased to share the first Women’s Power List. Amscap is proud to announce that Alexandra Nilsson is included on place 55. This report provides insight into the women who carry the greatest influence within the industry, or their particular part of it, those who conclude the biggest deals and […]

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24 February 2017

Amscap ranks fourth in the 2016 financial advisors league table

Amscap is pleased to announce that it ranked fourth in Inspiratia’s 2016 top financial advisors’ league table. The ranking, based on primary deal volume, is a testament to the team’s success in respect of the Merkur transaction. An extract of the report can be found here: European renewables financial advisory analysis.

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16 December 2016

PFI: Merkur nominated 2016 Renewables Deal of the Year

Project Finance International ( awarded Merkur the PFI 2016 Renewables Deal of the Year award. This award is a tribute to all the people that worked so hard to close this transaction in a record breaking time. Amscap is especially proud, as this is the second time the team closes a landmark offshore wind transaction […]

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8 November 2016

Top 100 Power People 2016

A Word About Wind ( published its annual TOP 100 POWER PEOPLE 2016 report, the annual overview of the most influential individuals in the wind business. Amscap is proud to announce that Michael van der Heijden was included for the third year in a row, now on place 66. The full report can be found […]

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Market news

5 December 2016

Spotlight on Power & Utility Megaprojects

EY published their Spotlight on Power & Utility Megaprojects report (attached), in which they conclude that offshore wind (and gas-powered generation) projects suffer significantly less delays and cost overruns than water, hydropower, nuclear and coal projects. The full report can be accessed here: ey-spotlight-on-power-and-utility-megaprojects

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2 December 2016

The Future of Energy: Making Major Projects Possible

Interesting background information on Siemens Financial Services and their experience in offshore wind.

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29 November 2016

German offshore wind grid development plan 2025

Bundesnetzagentur, the German Federal Network Agency, published its offshore grid development plan (Offshore-Netzentwicklungsplan 2025), which regulates the connections of wind farms in the North and Baltic Seas to the German transmission network until 2025. Four network connections in the North Sea and three in the Baltic Sea will connect the various clusters. The full plan […]

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1 September 2016

Offshore Wind: Blowing in the right direction

Excellent article by Environmental Finance on recent developments in offshore wind pricing and the effect thereof on financing, as discussed during the ABN Amro Offshore Wind seminar on 1 September 2016. The full article can be found on: Offshore Wind blowing in the right direction

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