Strategic advisory

In addition to the traditional debt and equity advisory roles, AMSCAP supports sector-specific tasks, such as contracting, strategic advisory and development services:

  • Corporate strategic advisory
  • Technology and project bankability assessment
  • Business plan analysis and project valuation
  • Business case evaluation and benchmarking

AMSCAP merged with Voltiq in July 2022. Please find our joined services, track record and team at

1. Market overviews

2. Investor overviews

3. Transaction overviews

4. Investment overviews

Intel & Experience

  1. Deep knowledge of European offshore wind markets and transactions
  2. Wide network of investors and key players in the industry
  3. Knowledge of existing and new strategies and corresponding investor profiles
  4. Track record in new and innovative capital structure solutions


1. Market overviews

Overview of key regulatory terms in Europe

Overview of current projects

Ongoing regulatory changes

Projects expected to participate auctions

2. Investor overviews

Key market players

Partnering compatibility analysis

Competitor analysis

Risk/return requirements

3. Transaction overviews

Lessons learnt

Project performance assessments

Transaction database with key terms

Case studies

4. Investment strategies

Overview of financing structures

Analytics of the equity and debt capital markets

Capital structure optimization